Campaign Prayer

Heavenly Father, we turn to You with grateful hearts for the many blessings You have bestowed upon Holy Infant Parish. By Your grace help us to deepen the bonds of love and commitment to Jesus Christ and one another. Help us to use the talents and treasures You have given us and help us to use these gifts to better honor and serve You. Grant us a sacrificial spirit that we may respond generously to the challenge that is before us and continue to grow in faith, trust, and obedience. Keep us mindful of our true home in heaven and let our efforts here below, glorify You in all ways. We pray in faith through Christ Our Lord. AMEN.


Memorial and Gift Campaign Reception

Please plan to attend one of our upcoming receptions
Sunday, October 6 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
(open to everyone)

RSVP by September 26

Submit your RSVP to the church office by calling (717) 266-5286, emailing

From Our Pastor

A new church, parish center, and rectory... These are precious reminders of God’s goodness working through you – through your many prayers and great sacrifices. As Holy Infant’s pastor, I am blessed to be part of such a giving, vibrant, and engaged community of faith.

church interior

Along with these successful building projects, however, the parish also has a current mortgage of $850,000. In order to take our mortgage to a much more manageable level, the parish is now launching a new capital campaign with a goal of raising at least $450,000. As promised earlier, this campaign will be a Memorial and Gift Campaign.

The Memorial and Gift Campaign offers a wide range of memorial gifts at varying amounts. It also gives donors the opportunity to have bricks inscribed with the names of family members or deceased loved ones as an enduring memorial. This is an opportune time for those who did not participate in the past to be part of our success. It is also a way for those who have been generous in the past to be recognized for their efforts.

Please prayerfully consider making a sacrificial gift. All funds remain at Holy Infant and will further God’s as we work together. Through your generous giving you join with others in our parish to do the work of the Church and minister to those in our community and beyond.

As the third pastor to lead a capital campaign effort for our new facilities, I wish to express my personal gratitude to everyone who has worked and prayed so hard over the past decade to make our new church, parish center, and rectory a reality.

Thank you for all that you have done. I hope to count on you now, and in the future – sharing your time, talent, and treasure and continuing our ministries at Holy Infant Parish. Participating in the life of our parish helps to build the Kingdom of God here on earth, starting right in our own neighborhood.

Father Bill Forrey, Pastor

Major Gift Memorial and Gift Naming Opportunities

(All Major Gifts will be recognized with your name on a plaque in the Narthex plus a Memorial Brick)

Gift naming opportunities chart Gift naming opportunities chart

Brick Naming Opportunities


Have your name, or the name of a loved one put on a brick. A special display for the bricks will be built in the front of the flagpole area.

Each brick costs $1,800 and is payable over 3 years.

If first time contributing to a capital campaign your brick will be Chambersburg color. If second time giving, your brick will be cypress color. If third time giving, your brick color will be red.

Bricks have three lines of 15 letters and/or spaces available for a person's name. All Memorials will only be accepted for people (no animal loved ones).

Frequently Asked Questions

WHO WILL GET A BRICK? Anyone who pledges $1,800 or more will get a brick to be engraved with your memorial.

WILL I BE ABLE TO PAY ON MY PLEDGE ONLINE? Yes, we have set up our We Share Online Giving for you to pay online or set up automatic payments.

WHY A THIRD CAPITAL CAMPAIGN? As of October 2019, the parish has a mortgage of $850,000. Our hope with this third campaign is to raise $450,000 to bring down the mortgage to a more manageable amount.

HOW DO I CHOOSE MY MEMORIAL? A list of possible memorials has been provided to you in the brochure you have received in the mail. Look at the list, call the office to reserve the item you wish. Reservations for specific items will be honored on a first come, first served basis.

WHY MEMORIALIZE AN ITEM? There are many loved ones that we may want to remember in a very special way. The item you choose will be in honor of or in memory of your loved ones. It’s a lasting remembrance that will last long after we are gone.

HOW IS A MEMORIAL RECOGNIZED? Each Memorial will be placed on a large wooden plaque with plates for each of 70 memorials. The large plaque will be in the narthex (lobby). Some of the 70 plates may not be used currently and will remain for future memorials.

CAN I MEMORIALIZE AN ITEM NOT THE LIST? Possibly if you ask. We did try to include a good variety, but people might have added ideas.

HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO PAY OFF MY PLEDGE? This campaign will last through October 2022. You may pay the full pledge or do installments. You may also pay online.

WHY THE DIFFERENT COLORS OF BRICKS? CAN I CHOOSE THE COLOR? The color of the bricks has significance. Those of you who donated to one of our three campaigns will have the Chambersburg color of brick; those who participated in two campaigns the brick will be Cypress and a red brick for those who have contributed to all three campaigns. You can see the colors here.

WHERE WILL BRICKS BE LOCATED? There will be a low berm by the flagpole with a nicely visible brick covering. We have not completed the design yet.

DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE A BRICK OR MEMORIAL? No, but please donate to this significant parish effort. Note you may change your brick or memorial wording in the future, but we would like to have the wording now for the record.

IF I DO NOT WANT A MEMORIAL ITEM, CAN I GET A 2ND BRICK? Yes, but we would ask that you make an additional donation of $1,800.


IF A DONATION OF $1,800 WAS MADE IN AN EARLIER CAMPAIGN, DO I GET A BRICK IN THIS CAMPAIGN? The recognition for earlier donations is in the color of the brick in this campaign with a current $1,800 donation.

IF I DO NOT PLEDGE NOW, BUT DURING THE CAMPAIGN MAKE INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS TOTALING $1,800 CAN I GET A BRICK? Possibly, but you must ask as we will not be checking for these amounts. You would also not get the nice thank you plaque. WHY NOT PLEDGE NOW SO THE PARISH CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT WE CAN IN MANAGING OUR FINANCES.

WHAT IF I CANNOT FINISH MY PLEDGE? That is ok, but please let us know so we do not follow up with you in the future.

WHAT IF I CANNOT AFFORD THE BRICK COST AT THIS TIME? It will be possible to contribute a brick in the future if you ask. We are also open to “earning” a brick by participating in a parish fundraiser like the Hershey Park program or making Easter eggs. Just ask.

CAN I EARN MONEY THROUGH THE HERSHEYPARK VOLUNTEER PROGRAM TO SATIDFY MY PLEDGE? Yes, you can.  Everytime you volunteer, we get a list of those who worked.  Every hour you work results in $6/hr given to the church.   For example if you pledged $1,000, you could work 56 hours a year for 3 years and that would satisfy your pledge.  If you pledged $2,000, it would be double the requirement.  You could also pay some and work off the rest.  Working that much would also get you about 30 tickets a year to Hersheypark for your use for family and friends.  Call Rob Farabaugh at 717-938-4435 for details.

CAN I BEQUEST MONEY TO BE GIVEN TO THE CHURCH AND HOW DO I DO IT? When doing your will, you can designate money to be given to Holy Infant.  We will be starting a Angel Wings Society that will recognize those individuals who currently have designated Holy Infant in their wills or trusts.  Remember, the reason why we were able to start our new church was because of a bequest of Queene Riegel.  Your attorney would have to execute this.   Please call Rob Farabaugh for details at 717-412-5529.  If you have a relative who dies and would like to memorialize them, there will be opportunities to honor them in the future.

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